Getting back to basics

As the popular saying goes: Get back to basics.

Build them. Work on them continuously.

For me, it’s writing. Writing is one of the things that’s too close to my heart. It’s something that cures me, that heals me, and kinda makes me more connected to myself.

This is something that I started doing earlier when I wasn’t doing that good in life and it kinda helped me a lot at that time.

Now, after being a little disconnected and more chaotic from the last few days/months, I’m back to basic. Back to the thing that makes me more of myself.

Writing without expecting something in return is just another level of relief for me.

Here’s another piece of learning/note to myself:

Don’t ever do something to show it to other people. Never write to please anyone. Never write to gain/get sympathy. Never write to make it noticeable by someone else. Never write with the expectations of taking someone’s input on your writing.

Just write whatever comes into your mind. As at the end who cares?

For me, writing is more of a thinking out loud exercise, a way to reflect on my life, and as well as a way to solidify some mental models that I’ve been going through.

So, yeah. This is why I write and the approach with which I write.

With that said, I’ll be more regular here from now onwards.