full story, next steps

Nearly from the past 1 year, I’ve tried very hard to come up with something. Something that I have built and can provide value to others. I’ve tried many things ranging from marketing, building, writing content, building web apps, and many others.

It all started in May or July of last year. I was very desperate to building all of this. I want to do it in a single night. I wasn’t patient enough.

Result? Failure. I failed at all of them. I failed miserably. These things used to be in my mind every single day. So much stress. I was at the peak of burnout for so many days on the journey. But now, I’m trying to improve the situation bit by bit. Trying to correct some of the mistakes I’d done. Maybe even a 1% improvement in trajectory can bring more peace and result.

Mistakes I’d done:

  • Too much desperate.
  • Was looking for the short-term win just to escape the reality.
  • I hadn’t stick to any one of them for a long time. Switched onto many things.
  • Overestimating my ability to do tasks.

Why? Why I’m doing so?

Digital assets. Financial independence. Working on my own terms + products that I own. Freedom.

So, what I’m up to next?

Not so many things. But just 2 things. I’m looking forward to building 2 digital products. One is an e-book and another one is a SAAS app. I’d worked on both of the things in the past but couldn’t complete them end-to-end.

What are they all about? Can you elaborate more?

Yes. I’m going to write an e-book about Learning and Earning shift in the age of the Internet. It will be a secret project. I’ll update as per the progress. I aim to complete it by the end of next month. You can follow me on Twitter for updates.

Second project. It’s a SAAS app that’s more focussed on journaling and doing more while maintaining your mental sanity. I’d also build an app like this in the past. But couldn’t complete it like an end-to-end project.


Because I came to realize that the UI of the app was very bad. It was terrible. I’m very bad at design and front-end parts of things. I barely know things like CSS, react, next.js, gatsby, and all of these things. I know that I don’t need all of them to build the app. I just need some of them.

I know what I want to build at the end.

The plan is to learn some of these technologies first, and then go full-on building the application. So, I’m going to learn a little bit of design and CSS first and then will switch over to react. Then? I will dive deep into building the app. I’ll be documenting whatever I’ll learn on this journey here.

I’ve tried this thing in the past multiple past. Getting pumped up, doing it for a few days, and then giving up for many reasons. I’ve FAILED miserably on each attempt.

One more time. I said to myself. Let’s see.

Peace and Power,