break the chain

I broke the chain. I lived this week differently than the previous 2 years. I really enjoyed it too much. A good and very soothing experience.

break the chain
break the chain

Things that I changed:

  • I didn’t assign any goal for this week.
  • I didn’t try to follow my system/plan.
  • I wasn’t running the race.

I just let things flow the way they’re being coming out naturally. It can seem very counter-productive from a different lens. But I will say, it was worth doing. I did it to relax, to cut the chaos that was continuously going through my mind, to don’t beat myself for not doing things that I was supposed to be doing. It was necessary and that’s why I did it. Now, I’m super proud of myself that I broke the chain and did something different.

I found myself calmer and more composed during this period. And I’ve also produced some quality visuals that make you think or just teach a lesson. You can check them out here.

Creating these visuals is a very new thing for me and I thoroughly enjoyed creating them. I’m glad that I started doing this. Surprisingly, I created them every day without forcing myself from last Saturday to this date.

Lessons learned:

  • Keep trying out new things. It’s how you find yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid of breaking down the norms as per your call. At last, it’s you who decide.
  • Creating visuals is a very fun and exciting process that I truly enjoyed but it can’t beat writing. Writing is the thing that helps me maintain sanity. Maybe, I’m looking at two completely different things and evaluating them from the same angle.
  • Stick to basics.

Peace and Power,